9 projects set to transform Detroit

Posted on October 27, 2016

Every day, it seems like we hear new development or construction news. A new arena, more residential, and new initiatives in neighborhoods are in the works. Detroit’s landscape is changing every day, hopefully for the better, maybe not always. We’ve mapped out nine specific projects – either in progress or planned – that we think will be transformational to their neighborhoods at least, and possibly the city as a whole. Disagree with one of them? Did we forget something? Our comments are open!

1 Little Caesars Arena

The future home of the Pistons, sorry, the Red Wings, is well on its way to being completed by next September. But it’s not just the arena, of course. The entire area around is is being built up, and Chris Ilitch has recently said they had more than 50 projects in the works. This should include residential, parking, retail, a hotel, the Mike Ilitch School of Business, and the Little Caesars Headquarters. That’s a lot of Hot ‘n Readys.

Olympia Development

2 M-1 Rail

We’ll be seeing streetcars early next year along Woodward. The M-1 rail has been anticipated for years and now the cars are showing up and testing has started. Property prices have risen along the Woodward corridor in recent years – will people use the rail? Or will it be the People Mover 2.0?


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