Refresh Your Commercial Space for Summer with Premier Construction & Design

Posted on June 21, 2024

Summer is the perfect time to breathe new life into your commercial space. Here are some quick tips for a summer-inspired refresh:

  1. Maximize Natural Light
    Enhance your space with larger windows or skylights. If structural changes aren’t an option, use mirrors to reflect light and brighten up the area.
  2. Add Bright Colors
    Integrate lively hues like turquoise, yellow, and green through accents such as pillows, artwork, and office supplies to create a dynamic atmosphere.
  3. Introduce Greenery
    Bring the outdoors inside with plants. They improve air quality and add a refreshing aesthetic. Choose low-maintenance options like succulents and snake plants.
  4. Utilize Outdoor Spaces
    Transform outdoor areas into functional spaces with comfortable seating, shade structures, and landscaping, creating an ideal setting for meetings or breaks.
  5. Update Furnishings
    Opt for lighter materials and ergonomic furniture to keep your space cool and comfortable, enhancing productivity.
  6. Modernize with Minimalism
    Declutter and embrace a minimalist design for a clean, modern look. Open spaces and simple decor can make your office feel more spacious.
  7. Sustainable Choices
    Incorporate eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting to reduce your environmental impact and appeal to sustainability-minded clients and employees.

Ready to refresh your commercial space for summer? Reach out to Friedman Real Estate and Premier Construction & Design today to bring your vision to life.