Trends in office space: A comfortable and flexible workspace equals happy employees

Posted on October 17, 2018

Today’s trends in office furniture and workspaces stem from keeping employees happy, engaged — and most important, staying put.

At the office, that translates to standing desks, comfortable lounges and even walls made of plants, said Carolyn Clark Beedle, director audience development for One Workplace, which designs office space for startups to Fortune 500 companies.

“The psychology behind giving people much more choice and control over where they work during the day is directly related to that employee engagement, employee satisfaction,” Beedle said. “How do you keep people happy where they are, because you want them to stay? And how can we make them want to stay in the workplace? A part of that is looking at the psychological well-being and physical well-being.”

Forget that old one-to-one ratio of one employee, one desk. With more employees working remotely throughout their week, more and more workspaces are going to open offices. “Free address” and “hoteling” are the terms used for find-any-workspace-and-plop-down environment.

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