What to Consider When Designing Law Firm Offices

Posted on June 23, 2023

Farmington Hills, MI – (June 23, 2023) In terms of office design, law firms can have some interesting design needs. In recent years, a lot of buzz around workplace design has focused on things like open plan offices and hybrid work, but law offices are often a bit more traditional. While many types of companies have been able to quickly adopt trends like open offices, law firms tend to have operational needs that make older design features better suited to their needs. So what are some things that should be considered when planning an office for a law firm?

Desk with two chairs in a private office with brick walls.

Private Offices

Law firms are one industry where private offices remain essential. Since lawyers often need to meet with clients to discuss sensitive information, make lots of phone calls, and need to be able to focus on complex issues, private offices are much more practical than having workstations in open areas. However, a combination of private offices and open workstations can work well for law offices since they provide lawyers with the private work areas they need while paralegals and legal assistants who handle less sensitive matters can collaborate in the open areas.

Collaborative lounge area in an office with sofas that have tall backs.

Collaborative Areas

As valuable as private offices are for lawyers, collaborative spaces still play an important role in the office. Not only do people like paralegals need places where they can work together on tasks, attorneys are famous for often working long hours. Having spaces like lounges available around the office gives them a chance to take a break from their office, move around a little bit, and socialize, all without having to leave the building.

Shelves full of books line the walls around a corner of an office.


For a lot of companies, the idea of needing paper storage for their office seems out of date. But while there have been some recent trends toward law firms becoming less reliant on paper, it’s still very common for law offices to need storage for things like books, files, and other paper records they may need to keep on hand.

Equipment in an office fitness center.


Since lawyers often need to work long hours, features that make it easier for them to take care of themselves during the day can be very attractive. With how demanding the job can be, amenities focused on supporting wellness are excellent to prioritize since they can help people feel better physically and help them avoid feeling burned out. This can include on-site fitness centers or game rooms to help reduce stress. Outdoor spaces are another very popular feature to consider.

Mobile tables and chairs in an open plan office.

Flexibility & Growth

As is the case for businesses in other types of industries, it’s important for law firms to plan ahead for future growth and to make sure your space has some flexibility to accommodate the changes you expect the firm to go through in the coming years. Are you planning to make a recruitment effort to bring on new team members? Are you planning to branch into new practice areas that will change what you need from your space? If you’re getting ready to move into a new office, you don’t want to quickly start feeling limited by your space.

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