Student Housing Market Update - Fall 2020

fall 2020 enrollment According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, enrollment among undergraduates is down... Read More

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Last week we partnered with Title Connect to discuss the current state of the Commercial... Read More

Student Housing Market Trends: Michigan

The student housing market may be experiencing some of the most volatile changes in the... Read More

2019 Q4 Metro Detroit Market Reports

Equipped with 32+ years of market knowledge, Friedman's research team has just released our 2019... Read More

Five NMHC Key Insights

Discover the five NMHC key insights from this year's conference and ensure your focus is on what matters most for this exciting year ahead...

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2020 NMHC Annual Meeting

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) Annual Meeting is upon us once again. As the... Read More

Commercial Real Estate Horror Stories: The Dreaded Tales from Friedman Real Estate

While many horror stories in real estate are avoidable with careful planning, leadership, and due... Read More

REJournals 2019 Detroit Commercial Real Estate Summit Recap

Just last week, commercial real estate leaders from the Metro Detroit area gathered to discuss... Read More

Service over Space: 3 Growing Trends Renters Value Most

More and more people are turning to multi-family communities for their residential needs. As renters... Read More

The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate Markets for Investors to Watch

Interest for new commercial real estate use is growing, thanks to the economy remaining in... Read More

Friedman Real Estate Facilitates Over Half Billion Dollar Multi-Family Portfolio Deal

Farmington Hills, MI – (June 24, 2019) Friedman Real Estate, one of the nation's leading... Read More

The Fascination with Multi-family Development

The multi-family market remains a hot commodity in the world of commercial real estate. Over... Read More